Angle features an accurate digital Sextant that measures the Inclination / Declination Angle and Compass Heading of a specific Target.


Position the cross-hairs on the Target and the display will show its Angle of Inclination (△) or Declination (▽) and its Compass Heading. Tap the Compass Heading to toggle between displaying True and Magnetic North (the same as changing it in the Settings). The difference between the two values is known as Magnetic Declination.

Take Photo / Unlock

Tap the Camera Button to take a Photo of the current Target. The Button will change to a Lock symbol and the Save Data Button will become active. To return to measurement mode, tap this Button again.

Save Data

To add this Photo to the saved data, tap the Save Button. The Button will turn green to confirm the Angle Data has been saved and tapping this Button a second time will take you to the Saved Angles View (the same as tapping the Folder Button on the Navigation Bar).

Observer Location

The Coordinates of the Current Location (or Demo Location, if activated in the Settings) are displayed, together with the Address and Country Flag.

→← Roll Indicator

The Navigation Bar provides an indicator that shows if the iPhone / iPad is rotated too far to give an accurate reading for the Angle being measured. If a single arrow is displayed, rotate the device slightly in the direction of the arrow until the double arrow symbol is shown.

GPS Altitude

The current Altitude as determined by GPS is displayed. Tap on this value to toggle between Metric and Imperial Units of Measure (the same as changing it in the Settings).