Welcome to aye.earth - Tools to observe, test, measure and share data about the place we live.

aye.earth utilises the inbuilt features and sensors of the iPhone and iPad, such as the camera, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and GPS. It intelligently combines this data to provide tools and calculators relevant to gathering and / or providing information about our reality.

To see how aye.earth can help you explore the World you live in, please take a few minutes to become familiar with the various Views in each Section...


aye.earth allows you to take photos of landmarks and / or luminaries, and automatically record the GPS location data, together with the bearing and inclination / declination of the sighted object. These saved observations can be categorised, filtered and notes can be optionally added. Data can be shared with others to support many different collaborative purposes.



aye.earth integrates a practical Earth Curve and Horizon / Target Calculator that utilises the height of the Observer to provide an accurate calculation of the distance to the Horizon, as well as its Declination Angle. Calculations are based on GPS data and spherical geometry.


aye.earth includes 3 different calculations of the speed and distance travelled when given a specific starting time and date. Have a look for yourself how far you have apparently travelled since you were born, or even since just yesterday. You might be surprised at the results!


aye.earth contains a selection of Documents to assist you in your research.



aye.earth allows you to select the language used and to change how your data is displayed.