aye.earth includes 3 different calculations of the speed and distance travelled when given a specific starting time and date. These calculations are:

  1. The distance travelled according to the Earth's revolution about its axis for your Current Location (or Demo Location, if activated in the Settings).

  2. The distance travelled around the Sun.

  3. The distance travelled around the Galactic Center.


Tap this Button to reset to the current time and date.

Time and Date

Use the pop-up Pickers to select a specific time and date for the distances traveled calculation. If a future time and date is specified, then the timer will count down rather than up.

The Navigation Bar displays the elapsed time between the current and specified time / date, in the format:

Days : Hours : Minutes : Seconds

Units of Measure

Select the desired display formats for Units of Measure:

  • Metric (metres, kilometres, m/s, km/h)
  • Imperial (feet, miles, ft/s, mph)
  • Nautical (feet, nautical miles, ft/s, knots)

Changing the Units of Measure here is the same changing them in the Settings.